5 Upsides to Downsizing Your Home: How Less Can Be More

Five Upsides to Downsizing Your HomeThe old saying, “Sometimes less is more” can certainly hold true when it comes to the benefits of downsizing the home. While it's many owner's pride and joy for years and years, there often comes a time when the glorious of that spacious home loses its luster. After all, it takes a lot of time and money to run a large dwelling, so many owners are looking into downsizing the home for some of the following benefits.

1. Less Overall Stress Can Promote Greater Health and Happiness

Excessive stress affects the mind and the body, triggering signals that can slow down numerous essential functions that keep individuals healthy. In fact, stress has been linked to several leading causes of death in recent decades, with heart conditions being at the top of the list. It's not a secret that financial stress is a top concern of most individuals, especially those with high mortgages and/or interest rates scraping to the bottom of their bank accounts. Downsizing is likely to reduce one's mortgage, taxes, repair bills, and—in some cases—can even eliminate mortgage debts entirely. With these burdens eased, many homeowners feel rejuvenated, less stressed out, and more satisfied overall.

2. Less Home Equals More Energy Savings

Unless it operates on a solar panel system, one of the downsides to living in a larger abode are greater energy expenses. Electrical expenses for heating and cooling in a smaller home will decrease, especially when using energy efficient appliances and implements. Water reduction is possible without a huge yard or quite as many bathrooms being used. Downsizing allows owners to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying reduced energy expenses.

3. Less ‘Stuff' Means More Time to Enjoy Life

One of the major benefits of downsizing the home is that there's less space for possessions. Once they have sold their home, owners are forced to go through everything while packing, which presents the perfect opportunity to get rid of some junk that may cause clutter and dust to accumulate. A smaller home and simplified lifestyle means less cleaning and maintenance overall both indoors and out. This means owners have more time to do the things they love and focus on greater goals than housekeeping and yard work.

4. Less Space Keeps More Money in the Bank

A side effect of benefit number three is that without all that free space in a larger home, there's far less temptation to indulge in frivolous spending. After all, there's likely no place to put those remnants from a sporadic shopping spree. Owners seeking to curb their frivolous lifestyle and reduce credit card debt should give these home downsizing benefits serious consideration. Experience the freedom of no longer feeling like a slave to possessions or excessive debt—give downsizing a chance to help restore that bank account.

5. Less Chores Can Equate to Better Health

With less need for dusting, vacuuming and using chemicals to clean stubborn surfaces in a smaller home, owners can avoid the irritants that go along with long cleaning sessions. Breathing in dust and chemicals can trigger allergy symptoms, irritate asthmatics and cause various skin reactions and rashes. Besides, who wants to clean when a health promoting bike ride or walk awaits? Check out this downsizing and moving checklist to get the most out of all efforts to minimize daily chores and burdens.

Those who are interested in downsizing their Garden City Beach home and enjoying these benefits should contact a local real estate professional. Experienced agents understand the special needs of those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and overall home expenses.

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