Are Residential Solar Panels the Right Choice for You?

Should You Get Solar Panels?Many homeowners are interested in reducing energy costs with the addition of solar panels? There are a number of benefits but for some homeowners, there may be additional concerns to consider. What should homeowners know about residential solar panels before leasing or buying a solar panel system?

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Solar Panels Work

Costs have come down since the introduction of solar panels, making the technology more affordable for the average homeowner. Advantages of solar energy include the generation of energy sustainably when compared to traditional sources of energy. Installation costs and maintenance of solar panels can be reduced when homeowners choose to buy solar panels and take advantage of federal and state tax credits and incentives. Homeowners can use solar panels in the quest to become more self-sufficient and build in area where there may be no utility grid.

Solar panels can last for up to 30 years and many panels come with warranties. Those who choose to lease a system may have fewer upfront cost and relegate the maintenance to a third party but they do not benefit from many of the available incentives for homeowners. It is not only hot areas like Georgetown in South Carolina where homeowners may tap into the potential of solar panels.

Owners in colder regions may use solar panels and the cold is better for conduction in a solar panel system. Germany, not generally a warm and sunny country, tops the list of nations using solar power. Some homeowners may be paid for extra electricity generated from their system by their local utility company.

Solar Panel Issues

Many homeowners do not rely only upon solar power. Solar energy needs to be stored. Some homeowners have the energy generated go into their local utility grid and buy it back at a reduced rate. Others choose to purchase storage batteries, an additional expense, in order to store and use energy at a later time. Tesla batteries are one of the solar battery solutions on the market.

Homeowners may need to be concerned about their roof. Systems may be able to be adapted, but certain types of roofs may make it difficult to install a solar panel system. However, a solar panel system does not need be installed on a roof. There are other alternatives available. It is best to get an assessment to see whether or not it is worthwhile to have a solar panel system installed on a home in a specific area.

Homeowners may have to content with their HOA. In certain communities, there may be restrictions on solar panel systems, where they may be located and other specific requirements that may reduce the efficiency of an installed solar panel system. Read through contracts for any stipulations and talk with the association before going ahead and having a solar panel system installed.

Understand more about solar panel system installation and maintenance in an area to avoid any unexpected surprises. These are a few of the concerns that some homeowners may want to look into and may not apply to all of those interested in leasing or buying a solar panel system.

A Popular Clean Energy Source

Homeowners are using solar power to cut energy bills and create a smaller carbon footprint. Homeowners who switch to solar find they save money over the long-term and may appreciate the ROI as it helps boost home value in certain locations when it comes times to sell. For many homeowners, a residential solar panel system is an attractive option.

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