Budget-Friendly Staging Tips

Preparing Home for Sale on a BudgetPreparing a home for sale can be an expensive process if it's allowed to run out of control. The cost for repairs, renovations, carpet cleaning, and more can really mount up long before the sign is in place and the home is actually ready for the market. Since most sellers consider preparations like these necessary, they are usually willing to bite the bullet and absorb these costs, knowing they will recoup them when the home sells.

Professional staging services are another preparation that can really help sell a home, but it is one that many sellers find themselves shying away from, especially when repair bills and other expenses have already made a sizeable dent in the budget. While the budget may not allow much room for staging, it can be a big mistake to skip the step entirely.

The Value of Staging a Home

Real estate professionals place real value on the staging process. In fact, according to recent statistics published by the National Association of Realtors®, 32% of buyers' agents and 37% of sellers' agents felt that staging increases the value of a home in the eyes of the buyers who view them. In addition, staging was also felt to: 

  • help buyers visualize a home they are viewing as their future home (81%)
  • make buyers more likely to want to view a home they have previously seen online (46%)
  • make buyers more inclined to overlook some property faults or flaws (28%)

Cutting the Costs of Staging

These figures make it clear that staging can be an important tool for helping sellers get more buyer interest and quite possibly even better offers for their home. Even with all these benefits, cash-strapped sellers may still have trouble finding room in their budgets for a complete professional staging service but there are ways to make the staging process less expensive. 

Slipcover Existing Upholstered Furniture for a Fresh New Look

As the room most often shared by the entire household, the living room usually receives much of the attention of the professional staging process. Because the condition of the couches, chairs, and other upholstered furnishings is one of the first things buyers notice when viewing a home, professional stagers often suggest the purchase of new living room furniture.

Sellers who want to get the look of new, perfectly matched furniture without the cost, however, can do so easily through the use of ready-made slipcovers. Inexpensive and available online or through home improvement stores, slip covers provide a fast, easy way to coordinate existing furnishings, cover worn or stained upholstery, or add a touch of needed color to spice up the room. 

Improve Natural and Artificial Lighting

Another way in which home sellers can get the benefit of visually appealing rooms at a fraction of the cost is to improve the amount of both natural and artificial light in the home.

Improving natural light starts with making sure that all the homes windows are squeaky clean, inside and out, to add maximum sparkle. Next, remove dark curtains and heavy drapes and opt instead to leave windows bare or to use lightweight sheer panels or blinds to give a bit of privacy while allowing natural light into the space

Artificial lighting can also be a source of pleasant light that will make the home show better when viewed by prospective buyers. To make the most of artificial light, sellers should first make sure that all light fixtures and lamps are working and that all globes and shades are clean and free of dust or dirt. Next, sellers should make sure that they are choosing bulbs capable of providing the right type of lighting for each space in their home. For example, bright task lighting is an excellent choice for kitchens and work spaces, while a warmer, softer light can be much more attractive and welcoming in living areas and bedrooms.

Give Bathrooms a Cosmetic Face-Lift Instead of an Expensive Renovation

Complete bathroom renovations can be too expensive for many sellers, but there are ways to freshen these spaces without racking up expensive construction bills.

Sellers who want their bathrooms to look new and fresh without spending a lot of money should:

  • make sure that tile surfaces and grout lines are spotlessly clean 
  • remove old, stained silicone caulking and replace it with a fresh installation
  • change out old bath faucets and shower heads and replace them with new ones
  • apply a fresh coat of paint to walls, ceilings, and painted cabinetry
  • hang a new shower curtain and hang new towels 

For additional information on staging a home effectively without breaking the budget, home sellers can ask their listing agent for their professional opinion. Because their agent works with many buyers and sellers, they will be able to offer proactive ideas and real-time information to help sellers stage their homes more effectively to compete in their current real estate market. 

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