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Lighting Tricks for Selling Your Home

How Creative Lighting Can Help Stage the HomeLighting is important, especially when it's time to stage the home. Proper lighting can help make the room look airy and more spacious, and can also make the home look cleaner. Homeowners who need to stage their home for real estate showings can use lighting in creative ways to highlight beauty in the home. These tips will help homeowners use lighting to stage their home creatively.

Clean All Windows

Dirty windows can restrict light coming into the home. Cleaning the windows helps to ensure that all the light is able to filter in through the windows. Maximizing daylight in this way can make the home's interior look more cheerful.

Use Sheers to Create Diffuse Light

Dark curtains can create a heaviness in the room while also blocking light and adding shadows to the space. Replacing dark curtains with sheers enables more daylight to enter the home. Sheers can be left open to allow daylight to pour in directly, or they can be closed to create a diffuse, natural glow.

Use Edison Bulbs for Dramatic Effect

Edison bulbs are creative and artful. They look great on bare bulb light fixtures and on fixtures where the bulb is partially visible beneath a shade. Edison bulbs have a slightly antique, industrial appearance that's especially effective in rooms that are decorated with wood and metal furnishings....

How to Identify Mold Growth in Your Home

Does Your Home Have Mold? What You Should Be Looking ForThere are a few things no homeowner ever wants to find in their home. Pests are one, and mold is another. Whereas insects and rodents usually leave behind tell-tale signs of their presence, mold can be more difficult to identify, especially for those who don’t know what they’re looking for. Here are some of the different ways Pawley's Island homeowners can look for mold in their home to keep themselves and everyone in the home safer.

Mold Can Affect Health of People In the Home

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, especially in the spring and summer. To someone who doesn’t know any better, mold having an affect on the people living in the home can be written off as just seasonal allergies. Common symptoms of sensitivity to mold include:

  • Congestion
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Sore throat
  • Eye irritation (especially dry or watering eyes)
  • Skin irritation
  • Headaches

If a homeowner is experiencing these symptoms outside of normal allergy seasons, it can be a sign of a mold outbreak in the home. If the mold is left untreated, prolonged exposure to it can lead to the development of deadly diseases and conditions. These include asthma, cancer, liver and kidney failure, neurotoxicity, birth defects, and more.

Smelling Out Mold Before...

Visiting or Buying a Place in Myrtle Beach: What Each Area Has to Offer

Where to Go When Visiting or Buying a Home in Myrtle BeachAre you looking to buy or stay at a place in Myrtle Beach? It can be hard to decide on which area to choose as there are attractions in each location. Twelve unique communities are encompassed in the area known as Myrtle Beach. A lively downtown area, loads of natural beauty and historic areas can be found in and around the Myrtle Beach area. This area has grown in popularity and continues to attract new and returning visitors every year.

Potential buyers whoneed larger accommodations may want to look for a spacious condo with multiple bedrooms, those looking for smaller spaces may want an accommodation close to the action, and others may want a more low-key area that includes beach accessibility but with less congestion than the most popular areas. One's own objectives and budget may influence which area of Myrtle Beach may be most suitable for an upcoming vacation. What do visitors and possible future residents need to know about the different areas of Myrtle Beach?

North Myrtle Beach

Homeowners and visitors like the North Myrtle Beach area as it includes numerous attractions and shopping options. Condo-style accommodations offer multiple bedrooms for travelers. North Myrtle Beach attractions include:

  • Alligator Adventure
  • Tanger...