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Should I Add Smart Technology to My Home Before Selling?

Smart Technology in the HomeThese days, the phrase on everyone’s lips is “smart technology.” If your home does not have it, you should know that buyers may be looking for it. This guide shows you some of the most common forms of smart home technology you should consider adding, with some tips to help you decide which ones are the best investment.

Cautions About Smart Technology

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that smart technology is an industry in rapid development. This means the following:

  • Even top smart home devices can become obsolete quickly
  • There are many brands on the market to make your home smart
  • Interactivity may be limited

In short, you should be wary about the kinds of products that you install in your home as a way to impress buyers. Home buyers, especially buyers on the younger end of the spectrum, are accustomed to using various types of smart technology beyond smartphones. They may already have preferences about the best brands, and expect that whatever you have is going to be at the top of the line. Ask your real estate agent for recommendations before you start making a smart home, so that your upgrades will be appreciated by the average home buyer.

Full Home Automation vs Individual Technologies

What is smart home technology? There are a couple of different ways to approach smart home technology. There are fully-integrated ...

Home Buying After Bankruptcy: Tips and Helpful Information

Buying a Home After BankruptcyAfter a bankruptcy occurs, buying a home is tricky but not impossible. Rebuilding credit, allowing the bankruptcy to season and shopping for the right loan can help homebuyers on the path to securing a mortgage.

To understand the options for your specific situation, speak with a lender and/or financial advisor.

Let the Bankruptcy Season

After the bankruptcy has discharged, a home buyer must wait for a while to allow the bankruptcy to season. Once the waiting period is complete, the homebuyer may be eligible to secure a mortgage, however, the length of the waiting period is dependent on a variety of factors, including the type of bankruptcy filed and the type of mortgage the homebuyer is pursuing.

Home buyers who have filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy must wait 2 years to qualify for an FHA or VA loan, or four years for a conventional loan. Home buyers with a chapter 13 bankruptcy on their record can secure a conventional loan in two years and an FHA or VA loan in one year, provided that payments are made on time.

Rebuild Your Credit

During the seasoning period, spend time rebuilding credit and saving for a down payment. Using a credit card responsibly is one of the best ways to rebuild credit after a bankruptcy occurs. To do this, work with a bank to obtain a secured credit card. Use the card regularly, and pay off the balance monthly to show responsible credit card usage. ...

Tips for Selling a Home With a Pool

Staging a Pool to Sell a Home to the Best BuyerA home with a pool can have big appeal to the right buyer. However, not all home buyers are specifically seeking a pool. This means that a home's pool may have to win over buyers who are not convinced that they would like a pool on their property. To do this, the pool must be kept in good condition and properly staged. Knowing how to stage, market and present a property with a pool and can help get the most for the sale of a home.

Make Cosmetic Repairs

An older pool can suffer from cosmetic problems like algae, cracks, pock marks in the plaster, water stains and scale on the tiles. Cosmetic issues can lead a home buyer to question the condition of the pool, even if these problems have no real impact on safety and functionality. Have cosmetic problems repaired before putting the home on the market to help reassure buyers that your pool is in good condition.

Keep Up With Cleaning and Monitor the Chemical Content

Keep up with cleaning and monitoring of the chemicals in your pool. The water in the pool must be crystal clear when buyers come to the home. If in the middle of packing to move there isn't time to keep up with pool maintenance, hire a pool service to ensure that the pool will always look its best.

Leave the Water Uncovered