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Painting a Room For Beginners

Painting Guide For BeginnersPainting can be a fun, quick way to refresh any room in your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers. While you can call in professional painters, painting your home’s interior walls can also be a fun DIY project to tackle over a weekend. (And hey, if it doesnt turn out great, the pro’s are just a call away!) If you are a beginner this can be a daunting task! This guide to painting rooms is helpful for new and veteran homeowners alike who want to learn the ins and outs of customizing their home, whether it's for themselves or to stage their home to sell.


Forget the Myths: Millennials Really Are Buying Homes

Millennials Are A Buying ForceMillennials (defined for 2020 as those aged 19-35) remain the largest share of home buyers at 38%, according to the latest NAR Generational Trends for 2020. Defying preconceived notions of the past that a majority of this generation would choose to rent, more and more millennials are ditching renting for their own experience of homeownership. With one in three millennials owning a home, it’s clear this age group is a buying force to be reckoned with!

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A New Market Force

A new study finds that plenty in this generation are highly motivated to own and willing to make the sacrifices necessary to quench their thirst for to own a home, a desire not likely to fade according to market analysts. The Millennial generation is segregated into two age groups: Younger Millennials/Gen Yers (buyers 22 to 29) and Older Millennials/Gen Yers (buyers 30-39 years). This group now represents ...

6 Ways To Improve Home Security

6 Ways To Make Your Home SaferToday, there are more ways than ever for homeowners to protect their home and both everyone and everything in it. But with so many options available, homeowners may be at a loss for where to start, so here are six of the different simple and high-tech ways to improve home security

1. Buy Smart Cameras and Sensors

Security cameras and sensors are more accessible than they have ever been, and with smart technology, they’re easier to monitor than ever. Homeowners can purchase smart security cameras to place in and outside their home that can be accessed via any smart device, so checking in on home is only a few clicks or taps away. Smart sensors can be placed on nearly any door or window and can notify the homeowner by either text or email if the thing it’s attached to moves during a specified time.If you need help installing and integrating your smart home technologies, reach out to an experienced professional such as Gigatech in Myrtle Beach, who has 25 years of experience helping clients simplify and maximize the complex world of technology.

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