Tips for Selling a Home With a Pool

Staging a Pool to Sell a Home to the Best BuyerA home with a pool can have big appeal to the right buyer. However, not all home buyers are specifically seeking a pool. This means that a home's pool may have to win over buyers who are not convinced that they would like a pool on their property. To do this, the pool must be kept in good condition and properly staged. Knowing how to stage, market and present a property with a pool and can help get the most for the sale of a home.

Make Cosmetic Repairs

An older pool can suffer from cosmetic problems like algae, cracks, pock marks in the plaster, water stains and scale on the tiles. Cosmetic issues can lead a home buyer to question the condition of the pool, even if these problems have no real impact on safety and functionality. Have cosmetic problems repaired before putting the home on the market to help reassure buyers that your pool is in good condition.

Keep Up With Cleaning and Monitor the Chemical Content

Keep up with cleaning and monitoring of the chemicals in your pool. The water in the pool must be crystal clear when buyers come to the home. If in the middle of packing to move there isn't time to keep up with pool maintenance, hire a pool service to ensure that the pool will always look its best.

Leave the Water Uncovered

Many homeowners keep their pool covered to prevent water from evaporating or to keep the water in the pool warm. Pools typically look better and more enticing when they’re uncovered. With the water sparkling in the backyard, the pool provides visual appeal that can entice buyers. To maximize the visual appeal of the pool and attract buyers, leave the pool uncovered for showings. If leaves or sticks should fall into the pool, skim the water quickly to maximize its beauty.

Landscape Around the Pool

Landscaping can make a big difference in the appearance of the pool. Fill garden beds around the pool deck with tropical flowers and blooming specimens that will make your pool the perfect place to lounge and have a drink. When selecting flowers for the beds around the pool, avoid plants that might shed leaves or petals in the water, and avoid plants that might need a lot of maintenance in order to thrive. Selling the house can be a busy ordeal, so it's wise to make the pool look as good as possible with minimal work.

Maintain the Fence

If the pool deck is enclosed by a fence or a gate, that gate should be maintained in order to ensure that the pool looks its best. Rusty hinges, peeling paint, broken slats, stains and other problems all need to be repaired before the house goes on the market. If the pool’s gate needs to be repainted or re-stained, do that before listing the house. If the pool deck is enclosed by a glass fence, clean the glass with a combination of vinegar and water. Use a squeegee and a microfiber cloth. Remove hard water stains to ensure that the glass is perfectly clear and clean.  

Stage the Pool Area

In addition to planting landscaping around your pool, it’s also important to stage the pool area. There are many things you can do to stage your pool deck.

  • Create a relaxing spot for sun bathing. Place two or three reclining chairs on the pool deck where visitors can relax.
  • Set out pool towels. Keep cute pool towels on an outdoor rack so the pool is ready to use. Switch out the pool towels between showings so the towels are always clean.   
  • Set up a table and chairs for sharing a drink with friends. If there is an umbrella over the table, open it for the showing. If possible, place a pitcher of lemonade and some glasses on the table to set a scene.  
  • Place large potted plants around the chairs. Greenery around the pool deck can make the space more inviting and tropical.
  • Sweep the concrete around the pool deck. Use a wide, large broom to clean the deck and rid it of dirt and grit.

Work With a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent can give more suggestions for staging a pool and making it more appealing to buyers. For more information and ideas, talk to a real estate agent before putting a home on the market. From listing your home for sale to finding your next home purchase, our team of experienced local real estate experts can help you through the process. Contact us today to get started!

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